{ Over the last few weeks, went to the ER and had emergency surgery next morning because I had appendicitis and got my appendix removed. Just got out of recovery but still in the process sooo yeah. }

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It was only right that she visited her dearest pawn en route back from a job she had done for her dark guild.  Or, well, the true body of her dearest pawn that was.  Red lips curved in a smirk as Ultear moved through the tower he was building.  Yes, he would unlock one of the keys she needed, and all the while live under the delusion that he was doing the complete job.

It was adorable.

The white kimono dress she wore stood out in the darkness, but it was the best thing she had to wear right now.  What Jellal knew her to wear, and it made her legs look great.  With, of course, the added benefit of hiding the mark of Grimoire Heart on her back.  No one needed to know that she was indeed far more powerful than anyone thought of her.  It made things so much easier, Ultear believed, when her pawns thought that they were the ones with the power.  

So she allowed them to underestimate her skill, and she played them all as if they were fiddles.  Not just Jellal, but Hades, Lyon…  Everyone would play a part in her plan to return to the Great World of Magic.  Everyone would aid her in the ultimate revenge she planned to get.


That was the goal.


At the sound of his voice, Ultear gave off a light laugh, even as she pouted slightly.  ”Jellal-sama, is that how you greet your most loyal associate~?"  Loyal her truly excellent ass.  She would stab him in the back without a second thought, but it was far better to play the role.  That was what she did, after all.  ”I just thought that I would stop by on my way back to Era, but if I’m not welcome….~

Letting the sentence trail off, she raised her gaze through darkened eyelashes, amusement hidden behind subservience.  If he didn’t want her here, she’d find out what was to be hidden from her.  That was how Ultear Milkovich worked, in the end.  She had all the information, and she liked it that way.

   As bronzed oculars would vaguely squint, an embarrassed laugh reverberated through his ears. He had mistaken his acquaintance for the enemy. Nonetheless, it was nothing to be startled about. She always managed to astonish him. At this point, they were mere convicts. Those who opposed them were to be eradicated from existence. At least, that was one of the objectives but not their main priority.

   ”My apologies, Ultear.” The male would bow his head in respect towards the other. Even he wasn’t precise if he meant that apology. “I had mistaken you for one of those people from Fairy Tail. After all, it’d be no surprise if a group of them showed up to attempt and bring our plan to ruin.” Surely this wouldn’t be a mistake he’d hopefully wouldn’t occur again. Albeit if it should, it’d be mistaking a Fairy Tail mage for the woman in his presence. Not to mention, he’d be on full guard in case they’d decide to have some sort of discreet strike against him. 

  Another laugh emitted his rims at her last articulation. “My my, it’d appear as if you were guilt-tripping me. Of course, you’re always welcome. What kind of person would I be if I didn’t allow you to join me in this magnificent process?”

   This attitude of hers certainly was amusing to him. She’d be the prior source of entertainment for him when he was seeking such. 

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insane reverie || open



He didn’t believe it the first time Erza told him. Why was someone so stupid enough to awaken the darkest wizard of all time? The wizard will most likely kill the person who has woken him therefore awaking such a powerful person will be a horrible path to go on. But still someone wanted to do so thinking they’ll gain something from it, they just couldn’t see the big picture or so that’s how the raven thought of it.

Then again he was one to talk about people being stupid even though he went alone to the tower. Thinking back for a moment he wondered what has caused him to leave his team behind and head alone even though Erza informed his about how dangerous it was. Having it click inside his head a vision of his wasted comrades were displayed on the floor after a feast at the hotel they were in right before they were going to the tower. Sighing he wondered how Erza and Lucy even surrendered into Natsu’s suggestion. 

Stepping onto the land and looking up at the tower to see the clear night shinning with the white moon giving him a good view of how the tower outline was. Grabbing the bag he was given by Lucy for the trip over to the tower he searched through it wondering what was even inside it. Having only camping equipment of sort he threw the useless stuff back onto the boat he used to get there and kept the aid kit as he was positive there will be some opponents along the way and he didn’t want to die of blood loss. 

Walking into the dark cave he remember was pointed out by Erza and Lucy for it being the place they’ll sneak into. Not letting his eyes have any rest he looked around in the darkness for any shape of a person or something moving but sadly it was quite hard for him to do so. Stopping for a moment he saw a seat of stairs then he looked back to see if he was being followed in which it seemed he wasn’t. Running up the stairs he entered a straight hall down in which he has yet to see the ending. Not having any actually choice nor having much time he ran down the hall and turned a few corners until he found himself in a room.

Hearing something fall he turned to the source to see a man with a hood covering his face speak to him. Narrowing his eyes at the strange he wasn’t pleased for the name he was given as he was and never will be someones pawn. Sighing he closed his eyes already regretting coming alone but knowing there was no turning back he opened his eyes once again to look at the stranger.


❅-"Has anyone told you how snobby you sound? Also what bring someone like me is to look for a idiot who wants to awaken the darkest wizard in history for some reason I won’t bother knowing. Do you know who this person is or am I lucky and it’s you?" Gray has a snappy tone in his words and he clicked his tongue rather mad and he wondered for a moment who the strange thought he was. 

   A malicious chuckle emitted between parted rims in mere amusement at the other’s verses. It was expected of such, nothing foreign to him in the least so far. He would assume the male was a member of the same guild the Titania belonged to. After all, he’s seen his well-being around a few times while posing as a member of the Council. It astonished him how he managed to appear right in front of him in one piece. Perhaps his pawns had been eradicated by the likes of them? Or maybe they’d been slacking off and were in preparation for proper punishment.

   ”Is that your way of insulting me?” The dark mage vaguely leaned his head over, not planning to get up from his seat. “You’re an interesting person indeed. However, I think you have the wrong idea of this major project we have going on.” He held his hands out as he shrugged his shoulders.

  “No one’s ever stated about me being such a thing. Merely because they understand why I’m doing this. After all, I don’t believe you people of Fairy Tail would come to see or comprehend its purpose.” He began, recomposing his position. He believed that those who walked in the light could never comprehend or sympathize with the objective he held. “With Zeref, we’ll create an entirely new world where we can all be happy. That’s all there is to it. But it seems you have some sort of objection towards it.” Reaching for another pawn on the chess board, he fiddled with it for a few brief moments before tossing it onto the pavement.

   ”People who don’t kneel before the greatest among them all deserve to be assassinated for we have no need for them in the world of Zeref.” 

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shi--no--tenshi: [/ screams out 6, 10, 48, 38 and 40] <3


6. Mun’s first ever OTP.

IchiRuki from Bleach or MinaKushi from Naruto.

10. Mun’s opinion on you.

   First off, you’re like so beautiful like it’s not even funny holy shiiiit a gorgeous face you have oh my wowie. BUT, your Juvia and Knightwalker are very amazing just like you! I love how you portray them, it’s amazing. It’s always a pleasure to see you on my dash and you’re a very nice and sweet person and looks like you know how to have fun tbh. I hope we can talk more and become good friends and I love rping with you. I promise I’ll get to our reply eventually ~ 

48. How well can mun hold their alcohol?

  Well, I wouldn’t know because I don’t drink alcohol but probably nowhere near like Cana omfg

38. Has mun ever been in love?

  I was close to since I had a big crush on someone who felt the same way for me but things just fell down. I don’t plan to be in love either uvu I don’t wanna but if it happens then I hope it does with the right person ~ 

40. What has been the biggest inspiration in mun’s life?

  My little brother because without him, I wouldn’t even be alive right now. Also, friends who used to be there for me when I was lost in life and didn’t know what to do. And celebs like Demi Lovato ~

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duragiion: 10, 13, 20


10. Mun’s opinion of you.

  Everyone thinks you’re a good person and I do too! You’re nice and very caring towards others. Our skype conversations really make me laugh, especially when we plot or try to at least but HEY WE’RE GETTING SOMEWHERE. I promise we’ll get through with our plotting. I really hope we can stay as friends because you’re one of a kind. Your Natsu and writing is something really amazing and I love seeing you on my dash. You’re quality in my eyes man man man /gives you ichiya/ and I still kept that secret B) and always will ~ men ~ ANYWAY, if you ever need anyone, I’m here for you and stay just the way you are and never change for anyone or anything Mishmish and I hope you feel better ~

13. How long has mun had a tumblr?

I’ve been around tumblr for almost 2 years but I keep changing and deleting accounts so yea.

20. Mun’s favorite sport


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sky-sorceress: 1,7, and 9


1. Does mun have any pets?

5-8 finches. 

7. Is mun a parent?

I’d be ashamed of myself if I was a parent, especially at this age. 

9. Is mun in a relationship?

 Single pringle ~ 

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deceitfulheart: crapsomeonesentmynumber... 26! 8D And 39 because multiples~


26. What pronouns does mun prefer?

   I forgot what a pronoun was so I looked it up. He,she,me     wumbo.

39. A funny story when mun was a child.

    Alright so my friend and I created an IMVU when we were like 9 or 10. I was chatting to this one person and he asked me if I was horny so I was like what does that mean? I thought it was an insult so one time when my mom was yelling at me, I said horny under my breath and she was like ”WHAT DID YOU CALL ME? DON’T YOU EVER SAY THAT AGAIN.” So I basically called my mom horny as an insult because she yelled at me.  

  Also when I was potty training my parents let me run around the house butt naked and I SHAT EVERYWHERE around the house.

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stripping-idiot: 10, 12, 44, 50 :3


10. Mun’s opinion of you.

  We haven’t really spoken much ooc but we should more often because you look like a very nice person and I like that name you have /cielo/ Your posts make me laugh sometimes though ~ I love your portrayal of Gray so much you don’t even know (・っ・) Hopefully we can talk more! Gimme a skype maybe or something else??? 

12. How did mun get into roleplaying?

  Back in 2010, I was watching a Naruto AMV and there was this user who was ‘OfficialYoungSasuke’ who commented on it so I literally flipped out not like I thought he was the real sasuke or anything and stalked the page and others and I created a Tsunade and roleplayed on Youtube for about 2 years until the layout changed and everyone just kind of disappeared. I also roleplayed Pre-Time skip Sakura as well. I have a lot of memories on there I just kinda wish I could relive. 

44. Surprise us with a random fact.

  I called the police one time because of a cat. 

50. How many languages can mun speak?

    English, Spanish, a bit of Japanese. 

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luchanlovesyou: 10, 15 17 18, and 49


10. Mun’s opinion on you.

   I honestly don’t know you but so far you seem like a very nice person! And that means I’d like to get to know you more and hopefully be friends. Message me anytime ~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ

15. Does mun believe in love? 

  I don’t know how to answer this properly     It’s crazy how you don’t see the real love anymore nowadays. Idk I believe in it but I don’t believe it’s for me. Love damages people. 

17. What are mun’s views on religion?

 You believe what you believe in man. For me, it’s hard to keep believing in something/someone you can’t see. But I have faith.  But I don’t like strictly religious people or those who try to force their religion on me and make me change based on what they believe in. 

18. Is mun religious?

  No, not really lol I don’t think it’s fun. I pray and thank my God everyday but that’s it. 

49. What is mun’s take on sexting?

   I think it’s not a good or smart thing to do to be honest. I’d be dead before I do that shit. But hey if you wanna do it/ already do it then I won’t judge you any differently. That’s what you do and I respect you the same way. Just don’t put me in there or send me a pic  cuzI aint interested.  ~ 

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